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Appointing Postdoctoral Scholars and Visitors

View of McClatchy Hall

View of McClatchy Hall

Sociology Postdoctoral Scholars and Visitors

The Department of Sociology is an exciting, diverse and brilliant academic research community with scholars from around the world. If you are interested in a Postdoctoral or Visiting Scholar post in the Department of Sociology, you will need to have a professor in the department sponsor you.

For Sociology Faculty:

Sociology Vistior Sponsor Request Form


Appointment Types:

VSR: Visiting Student Researcher - Students who: have not yet obtained a Ph.D. (or its foreign equivalent), or who are not recognized experts in their fields, are invited to work with a Sociology faculty member on mutually beneficial projects. **Students can be appointment on a monthly basis.

PD: Postdoctoral Scholar - "Students" who have obtained a Ph.D. within the last 3 years; are invited to work with a Sociology faculty member (5 years max).

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