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Jared Furuta

Photo of Jared Furuta
Jared Furuta
H&S Dean's Fellow and Lecturer, Sociology


Jared's research examines how educational institutions are culturally constructed in response to broader social norms, conceptions, and taken-for-granted assumptions about educational stratification that are shaped by a globalizing vision of a liberal order.  He has examined long-term changes in institutions such as national high stakes exams, school tracking, and national assessments.  In a related line of work, he has also studied how changing conceptions of meritocracy have shaped the rise of "test-optional" admissions policies in the United States.  He teaches courses on globalization, social theory, and formal organizations.  Prior to coming to Stanford, Jared was a high school English teacher at Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii and a college advisor with the National College Advising Corps.