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Sociology Exercise Examples

Specific Exercises

  • First: Make sure your students know how to read a social science article (How to read sociology).
  • If you are teaching statistics:
    • One exercise you could try is to present your students with guiding questions about how to interpret an example regression table (Regression Example).
  • If you are teaching a discussion-based class:
  • If you are teaching social psychology:
  • If you are teaching stratification/inequality:
  • If you are teaching economic sociology (content specific to Mark Granovetter’s SOC 114):
    • The Economic Sociology Reading Review Matching Activity asks students to match summaries of the main arguments of each reading with the appropriate bibliographical information.
    • Some classes introduce students to a variety of concepts that are hard to keep track of. Consider preparing crossword puzzles for every other week; these can provide a useful overview of the different topics discussed. (SOC 114 Week 2 Crossword) All you need is a couple of concepts and short hints/definitions. There are lots of online services that create real crossword puzzles for free, e.g. here.
  • If you are teaching STS 200F: The Sociology of Innovation:
    • Play jeopardy with your students. First, distribute the STS 200F Jeopardy Worksheet as homework, so students can prepare for the game. Then, use STS 200F Concept Jeopardy to play the game with your students. These can also be used as templates for testing content knowledge in other courses.

Databases for More Sociology Exercises